1972 TR6, Viewed, 5/10/2014

TR6 3

This was the second TR6 we were going to view that Saturday, and it was a little out of the way on our way home. We stopped for fish and chips at a Pub and got to the dealership that was selling this a tad later than I had wanted.

The dealership was an interesting one and had a good selection of older cars, including a Volvo P1800ES, a 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider and, of course, the TR. The dealer and I looked over the TR together – it was a car he knew well as it was local and he knew the owner. The body and paint were in very good nick with only a few very minor flaws, and the interior was in great shape. The engine bay was coated in the black goop, which, while I know why it’s there, I’m not a fan of. Other than that, the car presented beautifully. I got down on the ground and had a dekko underneath, and it was all good news down there too. The dealer was asking (iirc) about $14,500. By this time, it had become late and the dealer was looking to close up, so I didn’t test drive the car. Interestingly, Evelyn had sidled over to a black 1986 Alfa Spider on the other side of the lot and was looking at it with appreciation. The dealer noticed this and abandoned me to the TR and hurried over to talk to Evelyn. Obviously he knew all about who makes the real buying decisions in most relationships. 🙂

The Alfa was an ’86 Spider Veloce and was a South Carolina or Georgia car. It was quite pretty in its black paint and tan interior. The paint rather diminished the predominance of the black “winglet” on the rear end. This car too, was in great nick, though I found the interior, in spite of the leather seats, a little “plastic” and “80s”. I had to admit that it was a lovely car though. I believe that he was asking something in the range of $11,000 for this, and he inferred that he didn’t think that it was going to last long.

We suggested that if the weather was good the following weekend that we might come out and test drive both, before we bundled back into our car and headed home.

As it turned out, we were unable to make it back the next weekend due to other commitments, but a part of this was an ambivalence on my part. More about that in my next post.

Ratings for these cars;

1972 TR6

Value for money: 8/10 (hard to tell, but based on appearances, that’s my assertion).
Driving Impression: N/A
Body: 8/10
Interior: 8/10
Engine: 8/10 (Based on appearance of engine, and period correctness)
Handling:  N/A

1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Value for Money: 8/10 (again, hard to tell, but at the lower price, this seemed a lot of car…)
Driving Impression: N/A
Body: 9/10
Interior: 6/10 (the interior was pretty much perfect – the rating is a reflection of what I thought of the design)
Engine: N/A
Handling: N/A

Evelyn’s Rankings:

For the 1972 TR6:

Cool factor: 2
Diminished by its colour, as well as the much cooler looking – in my view – Alfa across the lot. Apologies to TR fans. 🙂
Comfort: N/A
Price: 3
Once again, the Alfa was rising in my estimation at this point.

For the1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce:

Cool factor: 7
I really thought this was a lovely looking car all around. I would have to disagree with Bruce’s opinion about the ‘plastic’ look of the interior. If the decision was mine, there would be a Black on tan 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce in our parking bay and this blog would have had to end its run. 🙂 But, sadly, the decision is not all mine. 
Comfort: N/A
Price: 7
It WAS cheaper than the TR.
Likelihood that I’d join Bruce on a Sunday drive in this: Definitely.


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