Alfa Romeo Spider Series 2 Bumpers.

Alfa bumper

The Series 2 is actually split into two categories – “2” and “2A” – the 2A was essentially a design done to satisfy the demands (in the US) of increasingly stringent crash structure requirements and improved emissions. Thus the series 2A cars (1975 – 1981/82) were produced with heavier rubber bumpers than the light and better integrated chrome bumpers found on the earlier cars. Series 2A cars were also compromised by the requirement for better emissions and were thus slower. According to, the series 2A cars “lost an unknown but noticeable amount of horsepower, and became less and less drivable until the introduction of the Series 3 cars (in 1982/83).

Most Series 2A cars have had their mechanicals sorted such that the drivability issues and horsepower loss have been mitigated, and may have had the lighter chrome bumpers swapped in. The interesting thing to me is that the rubber bumpers aren’t bad on the Alfa – they were actually integrated quite well, considering, although the rear bumper does stick out far enough to look like it could carry a full complement of hardcover books. Ultimately though, the Series 2A cars only really look poorly when parked next to a Series 2.

In my humble opinion, of course. 🙂


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