1976 Alfa Romeo Spider, Viewed 01/19/2015 (kid in the candy store, part II)

76 DSpider

This 1976 Spider was sitting two cars over from the Duetto, and it’s the car I looked at first. If anything, it’s in even better nick than the Duetto. I looked all over and under it, and it appeared solid and very well maintained – not perfect – but not far off. It’s a New Hampshire car, so I looked very carefully for rust, but it’s been very well maintained. The previous owner had the pre-1974 chrome bumpers installed front and back, and had the interior adjusted to the same period. Sadly, he also put (wire) wheels on this – I parenthesize this because they’re not “real wires”, there’s a “rim” behind. All in all, it’s not a good look – though the salesman shared my opinion and said he could easily swap the panasports from the Duetto onto this (but could I do that to a Duetto?). Other than that everything here checked – good paint, great interior, solid footwells, solid spare tire holder, good underside… the only real issues I could find were that there was a small crack in the dash, between the air vent and the windshield – but it’s tiny at about 1cm, and is “tapped out”, with nowhere to go. The passenger side door doesn’t quite line up at the lower trailing edge, (about 5mm out) and the car has carbs (again), not Spica. This car does not have the headlamp covers that the Duetto does – too bad.

The interior is lovely – this feels a lot more “enclosed” and more like a “cockpit” than the Duetto. Everything is period correct except the radio and the shift knob. There are speakers on both sides of the rear deck that I’d probably want to remove so my dog could repose there, but again, the salesman said they’d be happy to adjust this to my requirements.

There’s not an awful lot to dislike here, but I am curious about the price. The salesman did tell me that the previous owner had spent a large sum of money fettling this and they had all the bills to prove it, but I’m still surprised that a well presented Duetto could be offered at the same price as this… makes me wonder if the Duetto is hiding anything and makes me wish I could test drive these both. Seriously tempted by both…

Will follow with sketches of some of the rare and interesting “not for sale stuff” at this dealership.


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