Update 21/02/2015

Alfa update

It’s been a while since I posted and this is due to 2 factors; 1) It’s still bloody cold up here and the idea of a test drive is just pleasant fantasy at this juncture and, 2)  I was busy trying to purchase a car.

After long consideration and consultation with Evelyn, we decided to take a serious look at the Alfa Spider we had seen recently. We discussed the car with the salesman and suggested an offer of $22,000.00. He seemed agreeable to this so we asked for a Pre-Purchase Inspection. I found a local Alfa guy who said he’d contact the seller and take a look at it for me. And so I waited.

And waited.

And waited. After 2 weeks I phoned the salesman and he told me that 2 days after we had last viewed the car (and asked for the PPI) he’d sold it at full price to an interested party. I can’t complain about the sale – that’s business – but I’m a little miffed that he had me waiting for a PPI that would never happen and simply left me to get back in touch with him at my convenience.

He told me that the Duetto was still available, but in speaking with him previously (when the later model car was still on offer) he suggested that it needed some work and wasn’t as much a “driver” as the other. So – I’m going to beg off this one for the time being. If it is still there when the salt is off the roads I’ll see about taking it for a test drive. But, in the meantime, I’m back to the drawing board on my search. I do hope to view a Fiat 1200 Spyder next weekend – though again, a test drive is out of the question…


5 thoughts on “Update 21/02/2015”

  1. From what I can gather from your post, I’d give this Alfa dealer a wide berth. If you’re looking at a 1200 Fiat give it a good look as they rusted faster than a Porsche back in the day. I have a 1500 Cabriolet that somehow survived butalso be aware they are no speed demon. My wife loves the thing or I would have flipped it years ago. The Cabrio has a 5 speed and discs in the front so it’s capable of keeping up with modern traffic, not sure about the 1200 in that regard. The 1500 cabrio was the last of the pushrod Fiats so they threw everything at it. Lovely car but you have to keep it on the mat to get the best out the motor.


    1. Yeah- I know. I love the look of the car, but I don’t expect much from a 1200 cc… 🙂 Still I want to take a look… lovely car – but it’ll be interesting to see how well preserved (or not) it is…Thanks – cheers – Bruce


    2. Thanks for that – I love the look of the early Fiat convertibles – but I am a little leery of the smaller engines and they’re relative lack of power… Saw one for sale in Italy last fall that was, iirc, a 1961 that had been updated with a 2 litre… but if you’re going to get an old car, it seems wrong (to me, anyway) to put in a more recent engine…


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