Classics on the horizon

It’s been a little slow of late. The weather refuses to conform to the calendar and remains grudgingly bleak and chilly, thus the explosion of classics onto the market has been rather a “trickle”. Add to that the fact that I have been rather busy with work and you get thin pickings at this site. Be assured, however, that I continue to while away my time on this in other ways, and I have found the following cars locally, and plan to look at them when I have the time…


Not a car on my list, you’ll notice, and a little beyond my price range too, but not greatly so. I always thought that these were great cars when I was a kid, but never particularly aspired to one. In the 70s these were so common on the street that you almost failed to see them. I did see one recently and was reminded of what a good design they were. I don’t know if I could see myself actually IN one of these though. But this is why I’d like to test drive one; just to see.


Again – not on my list, though I do like these – but not a convertible either. This car is a strange one – it looks complete and solid and is a good colour (dark green) and is the sought after “tii” model. All good, correct? Well, the issue is that the ad for this is rather terse, saying little about the car except that it is in “grate” shape (is it wrong of me to be bothered by such mis-spellings?) and that I shouldn’t waste the seller’s time unless I know what these are worth. Well; the photos aren’t great, the car is covered in dust, and it may lack front seats (certainly from one view this appears to be the case, but it is possible they have been fully reclined). I’d like to test drive this one, but my concern, of course, is not what I think it’s worth (and Hagerty values have given me a good idea) but what the seller thinks it is worth – which may be a horse of an entirely different colour. It’s certainly worth a look though, and I may simply be guilty of cynicism and misinterpretation.

1974 Fiat

Finally – one that IS on my list. This one looks to be in very good condition and is priced reasonably competitively. I do want to test drive one of these because I think they are smart looking cars, and given the fact that there are still a good number of them around, I suspect that they would benefit from the same enthusiast base that the TR6s do. This one has apparently never been winter driven and the seller claims that it is all original except for a new canvas top (which is nice, because a lot of these were “customized” in small ways). Definitely on my list to try and test drive.

Not sure if I will get any test drives in this coming weekend as it is Easter… but I will try.


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