The Gallery Brummen – Part 1 of many


OK – Let me first, be completely honest. As much as I would wish to own this car (and as much as I metaphorically kicked its tyres) I am nowhere near being close to being in the market for a car of this sort. I was fortunate last month to be in the Netherlands and made sure to stop by “the Gallery, Brummen“.

The Dutch are wonderful – very much like Canadians (Sorry!  😉  ) in that they are largely unassuming, accommodating and friendly. In spite of the fact that I viewed the entire collection with a slightly glassy look in my eye, an unattractive froth at the mouth (leading, of course to the odd unintentional drool, that I masterfully kept from hitting the lovely cars and befouled my shirt, instead) and wielded my camera and iphone with a “brio” that while not endangering the cars proclaimed me to be the typical idiot who had no intent (or wherewithal) to purchase….  they were remarkably patient, and after an hour and a half of this I left on my own without being escorted out (as I fully expected) by security.

The car above is the first one of its kind that I have seen in the flesh, as it were. Not surprising, as this is one of 247 built. 247. Let me repeat that, 247.

How many are left? I don’t know  – if this were an impressive, scholarly site, as opposed to being the errant maunderings of a less than well informed idiot like myself, I might be able to tell you. As it is, all I can do (the drawing took me long enough to scotch any possibility of serious scholarship here) is tell you that some 50 years ago there were only 247 made…

I was gob-smacked. Really – Gob-smacked. When I saw the car, my face flew to the right and spital flew, endangering a Ferrari Dino to my right, but I heroically caught it in my right hand… (and then surreptitiously wiped it on Evelyn’s shoulder… 😉   ). This is the first example I have seen of this actual car. All joking aside, I was really lost for words.

I had actually contacted the Gallery and asked if they would allow me to test drive a Mercedes 250SL. They responded immediately with a positive, suggesting only that I give them a couple of day’s notice so that the car would be available. In the end, I was unfaithful to this site, but faithful to my Canadian values and failed to take advantage of the test drive. This was not a disappointment. My time was well spent. I’ll be covering this more in the near future.

PS – The Alfa is running beautifully now – more to follow on this… 🙂


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