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BMW 1600

I was so busy looking at exotics at Brummen, that I rather neglected this one. I suspect that this is a late 60s or early 70s BMW 1600 convertible (well, I’m pretty sure about the “convertible” part) and it really was a lovely car. It was an unusual colour, a dark green as you can see; not a colour I’d associate much with BMW but that suited this car beautifully. This design is all the more impressive, because unlike the Ferraris, the Lamborghinis, and the Porsches that were evident at Brummen, this little car was quiet and understated, and yet it jumped out at me (metaphorically) when I walked passed it nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “More from Brummen”

  1. First off, lovely renderings, as a kid I liked to do that sort of thing and probably should have pursued it but you know how that goes…woulda shoulda.
    The europeans did (and still do) have a fondness for some odd colors but one man’s meat etc etc.
    Alfa had a brief run of convertible coupes (GTC) that are now worth a king’s ransom if you can find one.
    Anyway, any updates on the spider?


    1. Hi! Thanks for the interest… sorry for my tardy reply – have been v. busy. I’m taking the Alfa in tomorrow morning for service (it took me that long to book it) and I am hopeful I’ll have good news by the end of the week, beginning of next week. Be assured that whatever happens, I will post about it…

      Thanks again! – cheers – Bruce


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