Into the sunset…

KVT final

Once again, the days are turning chilly and the leaves have begun to change colour, a reminder that there is limited time left this year for top-down motoring and that before we know it, the roads will be clogged with snow. Autumn is a herald of endings and I think that this is a good time to wind up this blog. The Alfa is now sorted and drives like a champ (just in time for winter!) but will be put away for her long winter’s sleep in a month or so. In short, I will have little more that is germane to report with any regularity on this blog.

I’ve also found that with my return to the classroom, with all the marking and prepping that entails, that I have less time to generate decent content for both my blogs, so I thought it would make sense to focus on my other blog, caughtinmyheadlights.  I’ll provide any updates on the Alfa at that site as they occur.

I do wish to thank all the people who took part in, “liked”, “followed”, commented and engaged with us here. Without your contributions, comments and feedback, this would have been a barren and pointless undertaking. This blog is not “over” – it has merely been put to bed for the time being. Someday, I’ll be looking for a new “old” car again. At that point, I’ll blow the dust off and have at it… 🙂

Oh – and one last thing; it was my father’s contention that a car should always have a name. As an 18 year old buying my first motorcycle I enthusiastically adopted this practice and have named every vehicle I have owned. My Alfa is Italian and white, so it should go without saying that she has been christened “Bianca”.

Evelyn says:

This has definitely been an exciting adventure. My dad was a man who loved old cars, mostly run down ones, which he’d hoped to restore but never quite made it work (after having spent more dollars than he’d intended). So I was naturally quite apprehensive at the onset of this hunt for a ‘classic’. Whenever the Alfa lurched, grunted, slowed and the engine threaten to die, I worried that it would turn into a money pit. But thankfully, it’s all turned out well. 🙂

It was fun trekking out to ‘viewings’ and ‘testings’, and then to watch the drawings come to life.  And though, we didn’t get to do it much, it was brilliant driving around the neighbourhood with the top down this past summer. I look forward to many more road trips and car club drives in the Alfa.

Thank you to everyone who picked up this blog and talked about it on your own sites. It was great to see that it was enjoyed by so many.

Core 77



Car Build Index



Classic Driver



Cars Yeah   


Thanks again everyone – it’s been fun.


Bruce & Evelyn


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