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More from Brummen

BMW 1600

I was so busy looking at exotics at Brummen, that I rather neglected this one. I suspect that this is a late 60s or early 70s BMW 1600 convertible (well, I’m pretty sure about the “convertible” part) and it really was a lovely car. It was an unusual colour, a dark green as you can see; not a colour I’d associate much with BMW but that suited this car beautifully. This design is all the more impressive, because unlike the Ferraris, the Lamborghinis, and the Porsches that were evident at Brummen, this little car was quiet and understated, and yet it jumped out at me (metaphorically) when I walked passed it nonetheless.


Not for sale. Sigh.


This was another car at the dealer ship that I visited last week – it was an Autobianchi Bianchina “transfomabile”. This is a car that was based on the original Fiat 500 platform and, thus, is tiny. I have always loved the old 500s, but this is just that little more elegant (not to mention, rare). This one, as per the rest of the cars there, was in very good nick, but sadly, was not for sale.

OK – it’s not really something I’d get, given what I’m looking for, but I do find these hard to resist. The  colour was sort of a pale yellow that shouldn’t look good on a car, but looks great on this. Again, not for sale, so I’m just showing it because I thought it was “notable”.