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The Gallery Brummen, Part 2


Another classic from “the Gallery Brummen” in the Netherlands. This one is a Maserati Kyalami… and again – like the Lamborghini I featured earlier, this is a car that I grew up seeing in car magazines and the like, but I had never actually seen “in the flesh”. This is no surprise, really, as these were only made from 1977 to 1983, and in that time, only 210 were actually built. The time in which this car was designed and built is clearly telegraphed; it’s a sedan that borrows heavily from the De Tomaso Longchamp but one can also easily see real reference to Guigiaros’ “cut paper cars” (such as the original Lotus Esprit, which was debuted in 1975). It’s not the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen, but it certainly does have “presence” and stance, and is clearly an Italian interpretation of a sports coupe. Most of all though, it is a reflection of it’s time. The colour choices  for the interior are a slightly yellowy cream colour with chocolate red/brown accents, (including the headrests) that is perhaps unhappily mated to a medium dark blue exterior that at the time was probably received as being the height of good taste… This car probably becomes more attractive if you stand next to it in bell bottoms and a snap button collar short. 😉

So – more of a rarity than an outright beauty, but fascinating and exciting to have seen nonetheless.